About Doña Perla's

Doña Perla's Cannabis Farm is a small, family run hemp growing operation. Our farm is located on a beautiful plateau in the gorgeous Danube Plain in Central Northern Bulgaria. We grow selected hemp varieties naturally and organically in perfect climate conditions, clean environment, well-rested and rich soils, enhanced with zeolite (clinoptilolite) from the Rhodope Mountains.

Our Cannabis

We are specialized in artisan growing of selected hemp strains in limited quantities. Each of our plants is grown with individual attention to the details. Hand-harvested. Carefully and slowly cured. Perfect colour and smell. Rich terpene profile. Great taste.

Our Quality

We use bio-organic nutrients only, no pesticides or other chemicals. This makes our dry herb perfect for direct human consumption (smokable or vape material) and for various other end-user applications.

Our Mission

We believe that cannabis is the plant to save our planet and we strive for perfection in growing it. Utilizing the knowledge of generations of hemp growers and combining it with nature's laws, we develop non-invasive and highly efficient growing techniques.